The Sockee sock aid is a unique device, developed to assist anyone with difficulty bending down to put on and take off socks perform this task in an independent and safe method.

The principle of operation of this patented product allows the user maximum comfort and extended flexibility during the basic action of putting on and taking off socks. This lightweight device is equipped with a multi-functional handle, which allows the user freedom of movement and simple operation. In order to reach optimal performance, we have developed two sizes suitable for all shoe sizes. The Sockee sock aid has been developed to go with you wherever required, such as the country club, golfing and family outings. Its smart and effective design, modern and fashionable look, unique colors and premium production quality, makes The Sockee sock aid a viable product, desired in every home.


  • Simple device for sock donning
  • No bending required - keeps user's torso straight and painless
  • Comfortable multi-functional handle assembly provides easy use for both legs
  • Smart multi-function handle - sock doffer and shoe horn
  • Multiple sizes - suited to users' foot and sock size
  • Lightweight and compact - travels wherever you need it
  • High-end, sporty design
  • Premium quality
  • US patent No. 7364056 & US9119494B2

What Sockee clients say

My grandmother loves it
I ordered the product for my grandmother. She was having a hard time bending down to put on her socks. I bought this product for her to try and see it would make life a little easier. She had to get used to it at first. I had to show her a couple of times how to use it. But now she does it without even thinking. She loves it and is able to put on her socks and shoes with no problems. It's really lightweight too, so she can move it around easily.

Amazon Customer

Easy and light
Great product, I enjoy it every morning

E. Segev

Sockee Sock Aid
I am very pleased to review the Sockee sock aid product. I have significant mobility issues and this tool is a grate remedy for my problems. It did take me a day or so to get comfortable with the use, but the Sockee sock aid tool surely have a great design. I recommend without reservation

David W.

Great gift for older parents
Modern looking gadget. With this I mean that other items that do a similar task look very "hospital" like and make people feel old. My Dad is 88 but does not want to be made to feel old!!! This is a great item for people after surgery too or who have trouble bending.

S. Joanne

A Miracle sock aid tool
I have severe arthritis in both of my knees. Putting on socks is torture. With the easy-reach tool from Sockee, it is now as easy as pie. It is lightweight, well built and and does the job very well
Thank you Sockee!

Paul P.